RCM (Revenue Cycle Management).

Welcome to iAppsData, where we redefine staffing solutions beyond the realm of Information Technology. In a world where every role contributes to the success of a business, having the right non-IT professionals is equally essential. Our non-IT staffing services are designed to help you build a versatile and talented team that drives your organization's growth

  • Reduce cost to collect.
  • Gain a 98% clean claim submission rate.
  • Improve net collections and drive yield improvement.
  • Transition to value based care without revenue risks.
  • High impact solutions to increase cash flow.
  • Top of the line medical billing services.
  • In compliance with prescribed data security standards
  • Lower your denial rate and increase billing.
Our Mission

Is to Promote Effective revenue cycle management is essential for healthcare organizations to maintain financial viability, optimize cash flow, and provide high-quality care to patients..